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From: B. Young (
Date: Mon May 13 2002 - 07:46:26 CEST

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    pee-tah... :)
    used to have a friend named p'taah.

    favorite p'taah tracks:

    "crossing [evacuation of form] original version"... to me this is the most
    essential song he made so far under this name. blows me away anytime i play
    it. if you want to know the p'taah sound get this one first!

    "no one, no how, never"... the original is insane and there are both a
    nubian mindz remix and a kirk degiorgio remix that are off the hook.

    "take the high road [p'taah remix]"... orignal is by Longineu Parsons...
    both are on Ubiquity. again. this is one of the best songs he's done and
    FUUUNNN to mix.

    Happy Mothers Day

    >From: Job de Wit <>
    >To: Acieeed <>
    >Subject: Re: P'taah
    >Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 01:35:13 +0200
    >At 17:04 -0500 12-05-2002, Peggy Chow wrote:
    >>Anyone know the record label that he's on?
    >Ubiquity. Highly recommended. See
    > My question: what does P'taah
    >mean and what is the correct pronounciation?

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