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From: Lynne d Johnson (
Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 02:24:30 CEST

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    Support Internet Radio
    This just in from another list that I am on:

    5.We OWN EVERYTHING -INCLUDING THE AIRWAVES!: We tried to tell yašll a long
    time ago about the problems caused by corporations monopolizing shit, well
    now look what they are up to in radio. The major labels are demanding that
    webcasters (including college radio stations across the country, live365,
    Shoutcast, etc.) pay a very high new royalty rate retroactive back to every
    song they've played since 1998. This could be THE END of independent music
    in general, and the ability to choose what you want to listen to. If you do
    one thing today, go to this link: All musicians should be VERY concerned.
    Because right now there are THOUSANDS of stations that could be playing YOUR
    music. But in 2 weeks, there might be NONE LEFT except a few Big Giant
    Corporate-Owned Stations which won't play anything except music by other Big
    Giant Companies paying them lots of money. Anyway - YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO
    STOP THIS - Make sure you scroll down one page on that site, to where it
    says #2 A+B: CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES: Find contact information,&
    deliver your message. ­ Well what are you looking at me for? Get Busy!

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