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Date: Tue May 14 2002 - 18:17:00 CEST

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    Hey Hey!

    This is music to my ears. Too bad I won't be able to
    make it to the gig in Chicago next Friday, but I'm
    very glad to hear that Louis has re-joined the fold
    and will be tearing it up again. I know Louis got a
    lot of hype for being Mr. Thunder Thumbs, but he laid
    down some serious straight basslines on all his
    sessions. He was/is a monster, and I hope I get the
    chance to see them live one day. BTW, I know that
    Strawberry Letter 23 got the most hype, but the album
    it came from(Right On Time) is one of my top 10
    favorite CDs of all time. Just an incredible vibe and
    groove they had there. Long live the funk.

    Take Care-----Paul Berger---

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    > Subject: Re: Acid Jazz and Disco
    > << Retired? Don't be too sure... Louis and George
    > (Johnson) were on a local
    > station earlier this year the night before a gig
    > here in the DC metro
    > area....talking 'bout
    > the state of R&B....they said they are releasing a
    > new CD. Has anyone heard
    > d> ifferent? >>
    > Actually, I had the pleasure of hanging out with
    > George and Louis Johnson on
    > their reunion tour a couple of months ago in
    > Atlanta. When I asked them what
    > there plans were for the future, Louis looked me
    > right in the eyes and said,
    > "The Brother's are back". So. . .look forward to
    > their first album in 20
    > years! I would have never gotten into jazz if it
    > weren't for the Brother's
    > Johnson -- and they still sound as funky as ever.
    > Scott
    > (The Jazz Evangelist -- Atlanta)

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