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Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 22:19:10 CEST

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    I'm going to get it right this time, instead of sending other people's
    messages back to the list, and sending new messages just to
    Anyone here subscribe to Popbitch? Its a 'news'letter which gets
    sent out once a week with amusing, but highly libellous. (goto for more info) For those who don't they may
    find the following tale amusing (DISCLAIMER: I didn't write this,
    and it is probably not true, but it did make me laugh):

    " >> "No Squeaks Motherfucker!" <<
          Quincy Jones gets the best of out Jacko

    Lord Delawdy writes:
        "A friend of mine was in Los Angeles 79 thru 87.
        Michael Jackson had had a huge hit with Off The
        Wall, and was recording the follow up.

        "The sessions were arranged for a very late start,
        and, after a night on the town, my mate popped
        around to the studio to see the producer.

        "He got into the control room to find that
        everyone's attention was fixed on the glass
        window. On the other side, Quincy Jones was kicking
        a pile of rags on the floor while shouting "Silent,
        you motherfucker! I said NO SQUEAKS!"

        "It turned out the pile of rags was a gibbering
        Michael Jackson. They were recording a
        new song called Billie Jean, and Michael had decided
        to fill every gap with his trademark whoops, clicks
        and squeaks. Quincy, however, had decided that the
        track would be a pared down and minimalist.

        "After several hours of trying to get the singer to
        do what he wanted, and having consumed large quantities
        of ragedust, Jones had finally snapped and attacked
        the poor freak. Needless to say, after the outburst,
        MJ sang the song how he was told to, and the rest
        is history." "

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