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Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 15:07:23 CEST

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    A few of you out there have been asking about the shows we have on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio
    We have over 70 shows up there right now
    We have NO INTENTION of stopping our internet streaming.
    Some of you have also been concerned about the upcoming CARP rulings.

    1. We are 100% non commercial (we don't make one cent)
    2. We are doing this in line with our overall purpose in serving an educational need to document the history of Black music (unlike ANY other radio operation that I am aware of)
    3. We have the written approval of the copywright holders (UME/HIP-O, Mandrill, Original P, Rio Soul, Sony Legacy, Lisa Gay, etc), unlike most internet radio operations, to broadcast their music
    4. We pay fees to the appropriate "alphabet soup" organizations
    5. We DON'T permit ANY downloads, nor do we make the content available in any other media (sorry to those of you who would like copies of the shows on CD's/Tapes)
    6. We have a lot of fun presenting this information

    We think that documenting Black History and presenting current music/thought by artists who are operating from the same historical perspective is an important concept.

    All of the folks who have participated by contributing their time, their music and their passion to helping me to present this content to you all and most importantly, to YOUR CHILDREN are to be given props for allowing Soul-Patrol to be a vessel for making this content available.

    Here are the top 30 streaming broadcasts so far for the month of May, based on our server logs
    (yes, all of the links work!)

    1. Supremes Anthology

    2. Rio Soul - Rhythms of the Soul

    3. Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

    4. Gary Tyson's Five Stairsteps Retrospective

    5. Victor Wooten's Live In America

    6. Jackson Five Sampler

    7. Original P (Parliment Funkadelic) Live Concert from the Roxy in Boston

    8. Soul-Patrol Members Only #2

    9. Will Chill's Master of the Slow Jams #3

    10. Soul-Patrol's Isaac Hayes Tribute

    11. The Funkiest Station In The Whole Damn Nation

    12. CTI: Masters Collection

    13. Mandrill - Peace & Love

    14. Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On (CD Deluxe)

    15. Gary Tyson's Jimi Hendrix Retrospective

    16. Rick James (Live Concert 1980)

    17. Baron & Mike's Retrospective on Soul Music in 1968

    18. Groove Doctors - House Calls

    19. Will Chill's Master of the Slow Jams #1

    20. Interview w/Freddie Stone (on the A train)

    21. Will Chill's Master of the Slow Jams #2

    22. Mr C. Rare Funk from the 1970's

    23. Gladys Horton: Generic Terrorism Speech/Marvelettes Live Concert

    24. Larry Graham/Freddie Stone Speech "Controlling Your Master"

    25. Interview w/the Emotions

    26. Funkoverlord Interviews Bob Davis

    27. Soul-Patrol Members Only #1

    28. Lisa Gay & Thrill - Watch What Happens

    29. Edwin Starr - Live Concert

    30. Jerry Martini (of Sly & the Family Stone) Interview

    Bob Davis
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