slightly askew

From: nethed (
Date: Fri May 17 2002 - 09:08:32 CEST

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    thought the list might be interest to know that Chris Bowden, sax
    player for The Herbaliser, and previously in K-Creative (one of the
    early 90's Talkin Loud signings) has a new album coming out called
    'Slightly Askew'. It's different than anything that's out there at
    the moment, and if I had to put a handle on it, it's closer to punk
    than acid jazz maaaan. and there's only 4 tracks on the album. you
    can hear a sample at
    if anyone's in london on the 30th of may, chris will be playing with
    his own band @ Cargo along with jason swinscoe (the cinematic
    orchestra), mixmaster morris, and we'll be spinning skewered bar b q
    jazz from 7-8pm

    this coming monday on solid steel coldcut will be dropping a brand
    new directors cut version of JDJ: 70 Minutes of Madness mix (which is
    re-released end of the month) which will only be 60 minutes long..

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