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Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 17:33:30 CEST

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    same over here in the Netherlands..every venue that does a public playing of
    registred music has to pay a certain fee to an organisation....


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    Yes, the venue has to pay licensing fees to the performing rights agencies,
    and yes they have to keep a log of all the music they play.

    But, the real big ascap/bmi/seasac money is in air play, because you get
    paid a bit on each broadcast outlet. The bad news for someone like Queen is
    they don't get paid the massive bucks for "We Will Rock You."

    Even though it's played at every game, and even though some big games are
    broadcast all over the world, the song doesn't run long enough to meet
    ascap's time requirement (30 seconds or some such...) In other words, the
    brief snippet played at the games is deemed to short and too incidental to
    count. (The guy/gal who wrote the theme music for the NBA shows... or
    whoever he sold the rights to, is the one poised to make alot of money.)

    Ah well, I guess they got enough money out of that boom boom clap anyway...

    As for the raves; almost all legit clubs pay their fees, and some display a
    cool ascap / bmi sticker in the window.

    I guess since raves don't really have windows to display the stickers, rave
    promoters probably feel "why should I pay the license!"
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    Subject: Hey guys, help me settle a music argument

    Hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. My buddies were over to watch
    the hockey game, and a discussion came up about whether a sports arena has
    to pay for the right to play the music that they play during the game. My
    buddy swears up and down that the people who own the arena don't have to pay
    royalties to whoever owns the rights to the song, while I'm pretty sure that
    they do. They argue that a band like Queen gets paid nothing for having "We
    will Rock You" played at every sporting event (assuming that Queen still
    owns the rights to the song), while I think they do. They didn't believe
    me, so I'm hoping that you guys could help settle this.

        Actually, maybe we could take it a little further. I know that many of
    you are Dj's so maybe you could answer this for me as well. When spinning
    for a big event like a rave, are the promoters of the event required to pay
    royalties for the music used during their event? In this case, I would
    assume that the answer would be no, given that it would probably be quite
    difficult to monitor. In any case, the output of anyone in the know would
    be greatly appreciated.



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