Blissom from Spot Records on 'Best Kept Secret' tonight!

From: Tasha Anestopoulos (
Date: Wed May 22 2002 - 22:50:46 CEST

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    Whaddup you beautiful peoples...

    Eating lunch at my desk again at work...yup, been that kind of life lately.
    And I can't seem to understand what's going on outside my window...there's
    this...bright light...kind blinding...up in the sky...oh riiiight that's
    called THE SUN. And that funny tickly feeling on my skin...I consulted a
    home remedy book and learned to my astonishment that the condition is
    called WARMTH. Ohhhhh....

    Yes, the 7 degree and perpetual cloudiness hell seems to be over...and any
    excuse for a party works for me (ask anyone) let's celebrate the late
    arrival of not time! summer in the city with a special edition of the 'BEST
    KEPT SECRET' live and fully lovin CHRY 105.5 FM from 6-8 PM EST every
    Wednesday night! Streaming glory can be all yours by clicking (might be a stronger signal too for you Toronto

    ******TONIGHT****** (cause it's all about the starrs)

    We welcome back one of our very favourite special guests that goes by the
    name of Blissom for a very special DJ set. Blissom should be nicknamed
    'Mr. Prolific' cause he's always warming up the decks at different hot
    spots around the city. Straight out of the Spot Records camp, one of the
    finest record labels in this city, Blissom has already cause some worldwide
    playlist damage this past year with tracks like 'Tag Team Triangle' with
    Merkin, along with the 'Torn' and 'Second Wind' remixes for Rise Ashen.
    Dude's been cooking up some other hotness, having now completed a
    full-length album with co-conspirator Rise Ashen outta Ottawa entitled 'Mr.
    Tran Travels in Sound' just released on Spot Records and Fossil Fuel
    Recordings. The 'Two Tone/Snake Eyes' remix 12" is also kicking around in
    nuff crates now too.

    TUNE US IN!!!

    Venus holdin it down on the hiphopbrokebeatabstractmeditiativedirtyhouse
    tip, of course! Much love to Dal chained to her work desk once again...

    Playlists back atchoo next week!

    Chicks Dig It as always a good time on a Monday night. And with the good
    weather on the roll...about to get even hotter on deck! Much love to all
    that reached for special guest DJs Rosina of LAL and Stash...those ladies
    ripped it! Come check out 'Chicks Dig Breakdancing...Again!' this coming
    Monday May 27 with breakers She-Bang! and Phems-Nomena and DJs Chocolate Vs
    Freedom, Dalia, Wasabi (happy birthday girl!), and Katikata. Suggested $3
    donation, all towards our stage at OM! At the Apothecary (340 Adelaide St.
    W at Peter.)

    Real quick: Love out to DJ Freedom who filled in for me last night at
    TEMPO. Thanks gyal! Always check it for free each and every Tuesday night
    9:30 PM until ya can't drink no more! Free free and free. Thanks to Rob
    and Greg for being really nice people. Tempo's at 596 College St. at

    Out like flash.....

    peace y'all

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