[acid-jazz] Seattle This Weekend ?

From: De Angela Duff (de@nettmedia.com)
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 18:09:55 CEST

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    where are the wrecka stows in seattle for *our kind of music* as
    pedro mentioned. i'm digging the broken beat scene right now (domu,
    ig culture, etc.)

    To contribute, I'm waaaay late, but just discovered this link of
    kcrw's chocolate city program:


    Also, the music & movement compilation by nik weston hasn't left my
    cd player since I got it. The tortured soul track is worth the price
    of the compilation alone.

    I like Agent K's "feed the cat," in particular "Ladies" and "Hands,"
    but the entire CD doesn't move me as much as Domu's Up+ Down.

    I also picked up Fauna Flash's Fusion. It's very eclectic (i.e. d'n b
    and reggae influences etc). I was disappointed with the remix album
    of this album, entitled "confusion."


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