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From: Velanche Stewart (vstewart@calpoly.edu)
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 03:56:23 CEST

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    Very soon, I will post the reviews that I've written over this past
    quarter, and will built upon it in case you or others might have missed
    out. More information on this is forthcoming.

    Next Friday May 31, Part One of the Spring Quarter Rewind show will highlight picks and recommendations during the most recent ten-week period. Part Two will air the following Friday, June 7.

    On Friday June 21, Part One of the Half Way Rewind will embark on a musical journey of the past six months of 2002. Like the Quarter show, picks and recommendations that might have passed by your radar will be presented for your listening pleasure. Part Two will air the following Friday, June 28.

    Reviews ---- Organic Groove 4--Organic Grooves 4 (AUM Fidelity) A bit of downtempo, jazz, bossa and dub are the orders of the day on the new album from the New York-based collective. Done live in New York, one song fades into another throughout the entire album. Quite a bit of mid-tempo delights and downtempo sensibilities, this is perfect for evening listening or a late-night drive.

    Nicola Conte--Jet Sounds Revisted (Schema) Impressive reworking of tunes from the man who fronts the Italy-based Schema label. "Revisted" picks five tunes from Conte's "Jet Sounds" (or "Bossa Per Due" in the U.S.) and has them tweaked over two 10-inch vinyls. It's a challenge to pick a favorite because all the mixes are so very real and true to the essence of Conte's bossa-inspired sounds.

    Germany's Micatone does a very capable job on the tweaked version of "Arabesque," featuring Lisa Bessenge of the band vocalling quite handedly. There are delicious intepretations from Les Gammas, Freeform Arkestra, and the Dining Room are also featured on this collection. My personal fave, however, is a full-on jazzy retake of "Dossier Omega" by Espen Horne (the main perpetrator behind the Bobby Hughes Combination) and friends. Overall, this collection is essential for the bossa/jazz lovers.

    Coppé--Mercury(Mango And Sweet Rice) Coppé--Papa My Buddha (Mango And Sweet Rice) Coppé--Peppermint (Mango And Sweet Rice) Earlier this week, I received a thick package from a label based in Honolulu called Mango And Sweet Rice. The contents included not one, but three digipacked full-length CDs from an artist called Coppe. So I found out that Coppé (pronounced co-PAY) is an artist from Japan, now currently based in Hawaii. As it turns out, Mango And Sweet Rice is her own label. She apparently tooled it together out of frustration of lack of promotion for one of her most recent albums.

    I must say that her work, overall, impresses. A wide variety of styles...electronic, drum n' bass, downtempo, and many other variants...are well represented by this talented, creative woman. "Peppermint," originally a 2000 release in Europe, has just been re-released stateside and elsewhere through Mango. "Peppermint" features some great production not only from Coppé, but also some assistance from Vadim, Plaid, and DJ Swamp.

    "Papa My Buddha" is a more personal album. It is dedicated to her father, who passed away during its creation. Like "Papa," "Mercury" is a new release for 2002. It's less experimental in sound and vocals than the other two, yet it's strong on the downtempo tip.

    All of them are worth listening to, but I'd check out "Peppermint" for sort of a primer...beginnings, if you will, in order to appreciate the next two pieces of work. Watch out...I promise that you'll hear more from her. To listen to her is to appreciate her stunning versatility. Indulge, and be spellbound.

    Super Collider--Raw Digits (Rise Robot Rise) A bit of Herbert, a bit of Aphex, with whole lot of soul. That's as best as I can describe this album from Christian Vogel and Jamie Lidell. This is Super Collider's second full-length. Even if you haven't heard the first album (I haven't), this should really knock your socks off. The soundscapes can get very complex, but Lidell's vocals and the funk-based elements should make this great for listening or for strutting around. Speaking of Herbert, he happens to appear on one of the track "Gravity Rearranging." Very dope all the way!

    It's extremely difficult for me to describe the sounds off the top of my head. You just really need to listen to it for yourself. All I can say is that it was truly satisfied listening all the way.

    Grupo Batuque--Rhythmix: Reluque Batuque (Far Out) There has been some great remix albums that have already came out this year, and this is yet another. The Brazillian musical collective Grupo Batuque (counting famed percussionist Dom Um Romao amongst the personnel) has spanned work over three albums. My introduction was from the group's "Africa Brazil" release from a couple of years back.

    Now Far Out has taken some tunes from all three albums, compiling them all into one must-have compilation. Most are probably seeking the very tantalizing Zero dB remix of "E Ruim." But don't sleep on all of the other solid remixes. Kenny Dope and Little Louie do it to it on "Keyzer," while the Viper Squad lays it thick and strong on "Brazileiros E Ingleses" with some strong bassline action.

    But many will still seek it for the dB track, arguably one of the strongest mixes on the album--and one of the best remixes that they've done so far. You'll definitely want to keep this with you when you for the summer tropical moods.

    Chris Bowden--Slightly Askew (Ninja Tune) After performing with Herbaliser's live band in recent years, Chris Bowden throws down some great sounds inna Henry Threadgill-style, though more on the straight-ahead side than experimental. The music really shines on this four-track epic jazzy soundscape, with most of the tracks spanning a good long time to build, morph, and shape shift into different directions. It makes for very nice listening for the late-night jazz connoseur. With releases so far this year from The Herbaliser, The Cinematic Orchestra, and now Chris Bowden, London-based Ninja Tune shows no signs of heading into mediocracy anytime soon.

    V/A--Rewind! (Ubiquity) Orange County-based Ubiquity (originally from San Francisco) is one of those rare independent labels (in California, or anywhere for that matter) that defy categorization. But somehow, it manages to stay consistent and fresh through its many world-class releases. Their compilations are generally well laid-out, and "Rewind" is no exception. The album features cover versions of classic tunes that, as the subtitle says, are "re-worked, remixed, re-edited, and rewound."

    As with some of the best Ubiquity compilations, this album is quite eclectic. Some sought-after tasters such as the surprising solid mix of "Sunshine Of Your Love" by Ella by way of Rockers Hi=Fi, and "Round About Midnight' by Chet Baker remixed by the French trio the Gotan Project, are some of the many gems that you will find here. Even Shinehead gets to throw down a cover of MJ's "Billie Jean" for good measure.

    The varied mixes are worth your while to seek out this winner.

    Coldcut--70 Minutes Of Madness (Journeys by DJ) This is one fresh mix-up. The label Journeys by DJ has released one of the most sought-after mixes in all of underground club culture. First released in 1995, Coldcut's stunning 70-minute adventure enthralls the listeners on a ride through eclectic musical territory. It's no wonder, then, that up until now it's been ultra-rare to find this gem. Now you have your chance to pick it up again, so don't sleep!

    Agent K--Ladies Laws Of Motion puts out the debut full-length from one of the most talented artists in the West London scene. Kaidi Tatham, going under the Agent K guise, seems to have lent a hand all over the map of West London and beyond, working both collectively and individually with the Bugz In The Attic collective. Now he gets his due, and the collection is quite fresh. Guests include Carleen Anderson and Valerie Etienne. The funk is strong and involving. And to think that Agent K is just getting started. Check it!

    Stateless--EP 12" (Freerange) Andreas Saag gives the esteemed Freerange label some biz. Best known as Swell Sessions from Hollow Recordings (surprise, surprise), he puts out two new tracks--each tune with some nice mixes.

    Last Week's Playlist for May 17, 2002 (Visit http://www.urbanlandscapesshow.com/shows/17May02.ram to listen with the RealPlayer 8 or higher) --- 1. Nuspirit Helsinki--Orson (Album Mix) Nuspirit Helsinki (Guidance)

    2. Cinematic Orchestra featuring Fontella Bass--All That You Give CD5 (Ninja Tune)

    3. Greg Long--Glimpse Balance (Shadow)

    4. Slowdeck--One Two Slowdeck (Waveform)

    5. Perpetual Sound Systems--Electrodub 79 Forward Selection (Open Source)

    6. Greg Long--Vitamin C (Orange Julius Mix) The Vitamin C EP 12" (Citrona)

    7. Papa Byrd--Soul Motion The Many Moods Of Papa Byrd (Transistor)

    8. Shirley Horn--Return To Paradise (Mark de Clive-Lowe Remix) Verve Remixed (Verve)

    9. Oba Funke--Buttamilk (Domu's Soya Spread Remix) Music & Movements compilation (Climate)

    10. Agent K--Ride Away Getaway (featuring Carleen Anderson) Feed The Cat (Laws Of Motion)

    11. Karime Kendra--Lovely Brown Skin (Landslide Remix) Hospital CD-R

    12. Domu--Save It (featuring Face) 12" (2000 Black)

    13. Phoojun--Rainbow Departures compilation (Om)

    14. Carmel--Harikiri Blues EP 12" (Fluid Ounce)

    15. Tagomago--On The Upper Level Kandai Tek compilation (Bambola)

    16. Atjazz--Rain Angel Labresults compilation (Mantis)

    17. Air--J'ai Dormi Sous L'eau (Chateau Flight Remix) Chateau Flight: Remixent (Versatile)

    18. Partial Arts--Canopy (Riton remix) 12" (Out Of The Loop)

    19. Zero 7--In The Waiting Line (Dorfmeister con Madrid de los Austrias Dub) 12" (Giant Step)

    20. Waiwan featuring Loretta Heywood--Feeling Me Feeling You (Waiwan Dark Mix) 12" (Earthproject)

    21. Fantastic Plastic Machine--Electric Lady Land (English version) Luxury (Emperor Norton)

    22. Ursula 1000--Mucho Tequilia Kinda Kinky (ESL)

    23. Fishbelly Black--That's It Crusader (Beyond/Rhythm & Groove)

    24. Black Cherry--unknown Black Cherry (AUM Fidelity)

    25. David Arnold--The James Bond Theme (LTJ Bukem Remix) LTJ Bukem: Producer 5 (Good Looking)

    26. Grand Unified featuring Radeem--Music Makes Me Feel This Way Out Patients LP (Hospital)

    27. Joesph Malik--I Don't Want Diverse (Compost)

    28. DJ Marky--LK The Brasil EP (V)

    29. Rae & Christian--Hold Us Down featuring The Congas (The Touchable's "Spiderman's Revenge" Mix) CD5 (Grand Central/!K7)

    30. Gotan Project--Época La Revancha del Tango (Ya Basta!)

    31. Silent Poets--Someday SoleBeatsOne compilation (Solemusic)

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