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From: Chris Jentile (
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 11:22:55 CEST

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    I think it's pretty scary what's going on with rap
    music. I'm from Oakland, California where a majority
    of the younger generation look up to rappers like
    Jay-Z, Ja-Rule, etc. It's depressing and unbearable
    to see this. I remember when I was growing up
    listening to Run DMC, LL Cool J, etc and that was all
    I cared about. That was the lifestyle of me and my
    friends back then. We all wanted to be like Run DMC
    and it definitely affected how we acted and dressed.
    Now, all I see is the young black youth trying to act
    like Jay-Z and Ja-Rule. I'm not blaming all the
    problems of this city on hip-hop but it definitely
    puts the wrong messages into young people's heads that
    don't know any better. It's brainwashing kids to see
    happiness as having a nice car and a beach house with
    50 girls with bikinis.

    I want to share an experience I had recently. I was on
    the bus the other day riding through a not so good
    part of Oakland listening to Kaidi Tatham and a young
    guy asked me what I was listening to. I let him
    listen to it for a little bit and I explained who the
    artist was and what not. He then looked at me in
    disgust like I expected he would. That's a common
    reaction I get. He was shocked to see me as black man
    listening something besides Mystikal or Camron. It's
    frustrating how much mind control radio and TV has on
    the masses. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    -Chris Jentile

    <> wrote:
    > "the music is negative because we're living negative
    > lifestyles/values."
    > NO!!! I really don't think so. There are alot of us
    > who try and live as good as we can. Music is one of
    > our most important resources, because the kids
    > listen to it. If the major labels keep putting money
    > into crap like Limp Biskit, Marilyn Manson, Linkin
    > Park, Cold, Disturbed, Cash Money, Three 6 mafia, Ja
    > Rule, St. Lunatics, Jay Z, P. Diddy, Godsmack,
    > Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Static X, etc., the kids
    > will be turned into the wrong direction. Yes, I do
    > believe Negative music can influence a generation of
    > youth, that are ignored by their parents, talked
    > down to by their teachers, and being brainwashed by
    > the media (government= upcoming New World
    > Organization). So, this is very difficult to sit by
    > and let happen. I've been communicating with alot of
    > peers (other dj's, producers, musicians, artists,
    > and concerned people locally), and they want to do
    > something, too. I say we expose the greater
    > evil....... the major labels who don't care about
    > their consumers. Write emails to labels spreading
    > this negativity, and bring in all forms of positive
    > artists together as one to fight the FIGHT. I know
    > some of you think, I'm too busy to do this, but if
    > you really care you'll try and do something. Let us
    > know your ideas. It's awesome to have this list to
    > openly share ideas and positive information. Acid
    > Jazz has also had positive messages. Look at lyrics
    > by early bands like Galliano, Brand New Heavies,
    > JTQ, Young Disciples, Repercussions, Digable
    > Planets, Guru (Jazzzmatazz), MC Solaar, Jamiroquai,
    > United Future Organization, Jhelisa, etc. Now, most
    > of us have websites, do music production, radio
    > shows, and some of us are even high profile artists
    > with a fan base. What we can do is spread a positive
    > word/ messadges, do free events with special guest
    > speakers (social-political rallies on the dangers of
    > negative music, media, and NWO). It can be achieved,
    > if we really care and DO IT!!!!!!!
    > I will cast the first stone. Write back with any
    > ideas, anyways you can help, and feedback.
    > dj essential
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    > From: B. Graff
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    > Subject: Re: Negative music...
    > Lotsa interesting points mentioned in this
    > discussion. My two cents: I think this sense of
    > music "turning negative" is a by-product of us
    > getting older and realizing that things just aren't
    > like they were when we were coming up. Like it or
    > not, we're already starting to yearn for the "good
    > old days."
    > That said, the issues surrounding contemporary music
    > are numerous. One has to do with the lack of
    > diversity being offered through mainstream outlets,
    > which is basically all that young kids have exposure
    > to. Speaking in terms of rap, back in the day we
    > would see videos from Too Short, Geto Boys or NWA,
    > but they'd also play Boogie Down Productions, X Clan
    > and Queen Latifah. It seems like many labels, radio,
    > and tv have decided to put all their energies on the
    > most commercially successful stuff, which is usually
    > highly sexual, materialistic and/or violent.
    > Now why is that the stuff that dominates the
    > airwaves? I think we as consumers have to look at
    > ourselves in terms of questioning why "conscious"
    > artists always seem to fall off. It's always been
    > my belief that even during rap's Golden Age, most of
    > those artists were going gold at best. To move it
    > to today, how many of us own records by the Coup
    > (who have sold only 15,000 copies of their most
    > recent album), Antibalas, the new KRS One, Dead Prez
    > or Femi Kuti? De La Soul just lost their record
    > deal, and I think plenty of us would call them one
    > of our favorite acts during the early 90s. I think a
    > lot of people say they want "meaningful" music, but
    > don't buy it when it's available. And if we don't
    > buy it, who's supposed to counter the stuff our
    > younger family members are listening to?
    > Most people buy music as background music (work,
    > doing chores) or for riding, relaxing or partying
    > to. Therefore, they just want something that sounds
    > good. And I will concede that Ja Rule, Mystikal and
    > most southern bounce have blazing beats that are
    > perfect for dancing. Until people decide that
    > lyrics are more important than beats (or "conscious"
    > artists decide to put as much emphasis on their
    > beats/hooks as their words), artists with dope
    > production will always be more popular.
    > Or, it could be as simple as something a friend once
    > told me: the music is negative because we're living
    > negative lifestyles/values.
    > ---
    > B.Graff
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