[acid-jazz] Positive over negative and etc...

From: DJQoolMarv@aol.com
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 12:03:57 CEST

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    Steve thanks for the views that balanced this thread. I must add that my
    initial writing was more about championing openness than dissing "commercial"

    All I want as a DJ is to be able to like you stated, "Can't you play both?!?"

    That's the aim. But the reality is that fans of both sides can be bullish
    about each other's respective favorite music. But the people who are into
    different beats always show a willingness to discover (on their own) and
    listen to new sounds. The fabulous crowd just does not want to hear anything
    outside of the "hit" category - unless declared by radio and BET.

    I don't know if this matters but I've DJed from both perspectives for 3-5
    nights a week in Manhattan for the last 6 years straight, and I did not and
    am not exaggerating the difference the commercial party people and say
    eclectic party people. I watch, weekly, people trying not to feel Roots
    Manuva but I play it anyway. I don't really drop Jay-Z in my sets because I
    hate his success, I'm just old fashioned about DJing and I feel like if you
    are going to stand out you have to be yourself. Anotherwords, there are
    already 4080 djs rocking Jay-Z man. I purposely do not want to be #4081, so
    if he is not requested, then elect to spin other artist.

    That is not about commercial versus underground, that's about the pursuit of
    openness and a true exchange of ideas between the DJ and the party people.
    It's about giving the DJ the right to incorporate his own personality, a
    right to be different from the next DJ.

    This is a career for me. Stepping back from these words I could say what's
    the big deal, why am I writing this at nearly 6am? It is my passion and its
    my challenge. Simply that.

    I am often asked about how I've managed to have a steady respectable and on
    going DJ career by newer DJs and I tell them that in this country, all you
    have to do know is be yourself and you will stand out. Everybody won't get
    you but the people who do will eventually fill up your parties and then you
    can play anything you want to them.

    It is not about the artists, it is about moving beyond boundaries.

    Good night/good morning everybody.


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