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From: icehouse@RedShift.com
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 18:02:02 CEST

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    Please read this and try to understand, it's hard sometimes I know but
    please try, I am NOT sending you anything personally! I post my playlist
    to the acid-jazz list and many people like to get it while a few (very
    few) do not and so I suggest that you just delete the playlist when you
    get it! I cannot excise you from the acid-jazz list although I would be
    happy to if I could, it's just not possible for me to do.

    Leslie/The Power of Sound

    from Leslie Shill 

    district_soul@yahoo.com wrote: >

    Remove me from this list... any email that is @districtsoul.com or the address district_soul@yahoo.com Leslie Shill <l_shill@hotmail.com> wrote: the power of sound - 5/29/02 streaming at www.kazu.org /90.3 fmProduced and realized by the ls.dj - Leslie "stonefree" Shill8-9 pm1/. The Infinite Posse - Blue(Sweat Heat Mix) - A Stereo Couple - Ubiquity2/. Suba - Sereia, Amor D'Agua - Tributo - Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees3/. Fragment Orchestra - The Muse - Departures - OM4/. Innerzone Orchestra - At Les - Programmed - Astralwerks/Planet E5/. Lacarno & Burns - Rivers - Ascension Dimension 2nd Edition - Stereo Deluxe6/. Hawke - Mass - Heatstroke - Six Degrees7/. Oojami - Palas - Bellydancing Breakbeats - Mondo8/. Bob Holroyd - Rafiki(HiLife Remix) - Traveler 02 - Six Degrees9-10 pm1/. Bluecat - Close Your Eyes - Chill Reception - Irma2/. Oojami - Tin Tin - Bellydancing Breakbeats - Mondo3/. Karsh Kale - Jah Has Kool Girl - Traveler 02 - Six Degrees4/. Bolliger & Gloor - Alhambra - d'Afro Disco Garri Mix - Codek5/. Yam Yam - Introspective Party People - d'Afro D! isco Garri Mix - Codek6/. Faze Action - Kariba - Moving Cities - Nuphonic7/. Slam - Lifetimes - Soma 10 Anthology - Soma8/. Greg Long - Zip/Zip Reprise - Balance - Shadow9/. Spooky Monkey - Dream Of A Place - Bastard Jazz

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