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Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 19:40:22 CEST

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     Can you find anybody on the list that has the address ?
    Please remove any address at that domain.
    I get at least 50 emails a day to this account and have found that at least 10 of them are off of mass mailing lists. No, the delete button is not hard to use, but it would be nice just to stop the emails. I do appreciate your support of the music, but since my yahoo account has a limit on how much it can handle (in terms of MBs), I need to stop as much mail as I can.
    Thanks wrote:

    from Leslie Shill 
 wrote: >

    I only send these playlists to people who want them although I do post them to the acid-jazz list and there are a couple (literally!) of members who do not want to get them. I have searched through my lists and cannot find the address so I have really tried to excise you from the recipients of these playlists, is it really such a huge hassle to just delete them?? you do not have to read or even look at them, just delete them! I am truly sorry because I do not want to impose the lists of music that I play on my radio show to anyone who does not want to receive them, really, I could not be bothered to infringe on someone's space in that manner, life is simply too short and I don't want to even go there theoretically so all I can do is apologize and ask you to just hit the delete button until we can discover why you are getting them and remove your email info from that list. This has already taken up way too much time and effort so believe me when I say that I would be real happy to be shot of you promptly. remeber that delete key in the interim though!

    Leslie/The Power of Sound Remove me from this list... any email that is or the address Leslie Shill wrote: the power of sound - 5/29/02 streaming at /90.3 fmProduced and realized by the - Leslie "stonefree" Shill8-9 pm1/. The Infinite Posse - Blue(Sweat Heat Mix) - A Stereo Couple - Ubiquity2/. Suba - Sereia, Amor D'Agua - Tributo - Ziriguiboom/Six Degrees3/. Fragment Orchestra - The Muse - Departures - OM4/. Innerzone Orchestra - At Les - Programmed - Astralwerks/Planet E5/. Lacarno & Burns - Rivers - Ascension Dimension 2nd Edition - Stereo Deluxe6/. Hawke - Mass - Heatstroke - Six Degrees7/. Oojami - Palas - Bellydancing Breakbeats - Mondo8/. Bob Holroyd - Rafiki(HiLife Remix) - Traveler 02 - Six Degrees9-10 pm1/. Bluecat - Close Your Eyes - Chill Reception - Irma2/. Oojami - Tin Tin - Bellydancing Breakbeats - Mondo3/. Karsh Kale - Jah Has Kool Girl - Traveler 02 - Six Degrees4/. Bolliger & Gloor - Alhambra - d'Afro Disco Garri Mix - Codek5/. Yam Yam - Introspective Party People - d'Afro D! isco Garri Mix - Codek6/. Faze Action - Kariba - Moving Cities - Nuphonic7/. Slam - Lifetimes - Soma 10 Anthology - Soma8/. Greg Long - Zip/Zip Reprise - Balance - Shadow9/. Spooky Monkey - Dream Of A Place - Bastard Jazz

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