Re: My $.02 about the new Portishead album

erik (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 15:06:10 -0700

At 1:53 PM 9/30/97, Bijan Pesaran wrote:

>I don't know that there are many artists competing
>for the title, "Best Release in Portishead's Genre" apart from
>lookalikes like Morcheeba, who, quite frankly, suck roks.

the only similarity btwn p-head & morcheeba is the existence of female vocals.
& personally, i quite enjoy the more morbid morcheeba at times. a
beautiful album dwelling in the dark side..

>Hope I don't offend, I just want to go against the grain.
>I'll post about my favourite god-like production efforts

god-like? hmmm..

only releases lately that have found their way into my bin that even come
close to god-like.. hmm.. would have to be the "sons of silence" album
and that gorgeous "coco steel & lovebomb".. god-like, tho.. that's
pushing it. how does one describe music as god-like? maybe the whole
concept bugs me.

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