Re: What music did you listen to as a teenager?

From: Pedro Cevallos (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 18:25:18 CET

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    I used to be an obsessed Pink Floyd fan which led me to explore ambient
    music (Global Communication, Psychik Warriors of Gaia, FSOL). In Junior
    year of high school I really got into A Tribe Called Quest which in turn
    helped me explore Funk and Jazz and the original stuff they were sampling.
    As a freshman in college in Miami I was exposed to the golden days of rave
    (God I hate that term now) in early 1993. There I found local Floridian
    homegrown talent Rabbit in the Moon and their ambient side project LunaSol.
    From here I realized that the best music was released on vinyl and not I bought two 1200s and a shitty mixer...I then started exploring all
    sorts of sounds. The record collection grew and so do I as a person.

    Pedro Cevallos

    "...beginning in the fourteenth century, the clock made us into 
    time-keepers, and then time-savers, and now time-servers.  In the process, 
    we have learned irreverence toward the sun and the seasons, for in a world 
    made up of seconds and minutes, the authority of nature is superseded."
                       -- Neil Postman --

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