post junk trio now accepting credit card orders!

From: Frank Swart / post junk trio (
Date: Mon Mar 26 2001 - 07:58:01 CEST

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    Greetings Comrades,

    It's Springtime, we're giggin', gettin' airplay and yes, we're now accepting
    credit card orders! So if you don't have your own copy of post junk trio,
    Reservoir Fish, you have no excuse. As
    always we'd like to thank all the DJ's who are spinnin' us all around the
    world and everybody whose been buyin' the disc and comin' to shows. We're
    still trolling for record companies too so, if you have any ideas or know
    anybody, please let us know. As a matter of fact, any and all feedback is
    always greatly appreciated. Well all right, that's about it for now...I hope
    all is well and you're gettin' all you need.

    Oh yeah, one more thing...this Wednesday March 28th at Jupiter (Berkeley),
    the original drummer from Junk, Malcolm Peoples, will be subbing for Inkx.

    Take care,
    F & post junk trio
    415.927.1232 (h)
    801.912.5222 (f)

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