Re: The future of music consumption?

From: christina long (
Date: 2004-01-18 01:59:18

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    >I think history shows that people who fight new
    >>technology and progress, will fail.

    Technology is a truly wonderful thing. The problem is how technology
    works under a system we have yet to modify or dare I say, get rid of;
    the price system.

    Another quote taken from Howard Scott:
    It is because we are living under a Price System which can only operate
    under conditions of scarcity.

     It is not the fault of down-loaders, cdrs, greedy's
    the price system.

    However, I do agree there will come a time of "weeding" if you will.
    Also a time where development is more welcome again. The strong ones
    will survive in the end.
    Perhaps, as noted, this could be the best thing to happen. There may be
    a smaller pool of music but that of quality and shelf life.