RE: [acid-jazz] The future of music consumption?

From: Erik Gaderlund (
Date: 2004-01-18 01:32:51

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    At 12:04 PM -0500 01/17/04, Bob Davis wrote:
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    >>>it sure is a threat, but maybe those big libraries of music will only be
    >interesting for lets say 'freaks' - regular people just want 1 disc a time,
    >don't they? without browsing through all those tracks..<<
    >Remember, these discs would have sorting/search software included
    >that would allow you to pull
    >up anything you wanted within seconds.
    >If I had this much music on a small number of disc's, I'd probably
    >buy a dedicated computer
    >with maximum hard drive storage and connect the output of the
    >computer directly into my home
    >sound system...

    Like, this:
    granted it's unbelievably expensive, and you have to rip your own
    disks. Or this magnificent example of Swiss engineering:
    Or for the more practical:,,

    It seems that hard drive storage is the wave of the futur, the real
    battle will be what quality of music will be on there. I like many
    still find vinyl to have a bit of an edge.

    And, lastly I don't remember the composers of Europe, and Asia,
    holding off on creating music because they couldn't sell their
    records (actually such a thing didn't exist.) I think people will
    still be making music the distribution will have changed.

    erik g