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Date: 2004-01-21 15:53:37

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    really nice album def. worth your attention!
    check for sleeve, tracklisting & full review:ˇˇˇˇa


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      JAZZFLORA - Scandinavian aspects of jazz

      Artist: Various Artists

      Format: CD

      Label: DNM-Dealers of Nordic Music

      Cat No: DNMCD004

      Releasedate: 26 jANUARY 2004

      EAN: 73321810 03994

      Distribution: PP-Sales

      01. Kuusumun Profeetta - Kovin lentšen kotiin kaipaan 02. Hird - I love you my friends
      03. Elsa - Open the door 04. Butti 49 - Alan Accelerates 05. Povo - Good & Bad 06. Ōony - Logic of space

      07. Koop - Tonight (Nicola Conte New Jazz Version) 08. The Five Corners Quintet - Trading Eights

      09. Oddjob - Bloodstream 10. Kahuun - Marinade 11. Stockholm Cyclo - Noisuf (Raw Jazz take) 12. Xploding Plastix - Comatose Luck


      In our aim to guide musiclovers worldwide to the highest quality of Scandinavian music DNM introduces to you the rich flora of contemporary Jazz. The Jazzflora project aim to open people's eyes to a Scandinavian movement in music built of young producers and labels grown up with the rhytms and structures of electronic music as well as the influences and history of jazz. Music created from a point where the two directions come together and redefining the term jazz.


      Since jazz was first introduced Scandinavian composers and music listeners have embraced it and the result being a great tradition fostering our own international talents. Now it is 2004 and electronic clubmusic have equipped a new generation of musicians with the tools to push jazz music forward. People like Christoffer Berg alias Hird and the guys in Koop are blending the jazz tradition with the element of club culture giving us a new aspect of jazz. Christoffer Berg explains how jazz influences his music;

      "Especially when it comes to the mood aspect of expression in music, and of course the experimentalism, jazz is influencing me a lot."


      Jazzflora is a selection of twelve of the most essential tracks from this scene produced by Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish composers. Many of the tracks never before released on cd but only on small edition 12" vinyls through labels such as Hi-Fi Terapi, Raw Fusion Recordings and Ricky - Tick Records. This is a blend of music carefully chosen to showcase the versatility and quality of the music that is being produced.


      We also have the unique opportunity to present the first and brand new track from the Swedish act Ōony. With the tune "Logic of Space" this three piece band gives us proof that jazz is evolving faster then in many years. Leading us to new sounds, in new directions and broadening the music we usually file under jazz. To put the whole idea behind Jazzflora in a more simple context Christoffer Berg sets his finger on it when explaining what is important for him when making music;

        "The basic principle is; It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing..."


      DNM - Dealers of Nordic music

      In their aim to guide musiclovers worldwide to the quality sounds of Scandinavia DNM with this release lay down the second fundamental piece of the DNM platform.The other piece being the Nordic Lounge serie presenting the more electronic house and down tempo sounds. Together the two series define the field of music that DNM release records within and also forming a stepping stone for the artists signed to the label now and the one's that will be in the future. Today those artists are Hird & Similou who both will release their debut albums during 2004.


      DNM - Dealers of Nordic Music

      Jakob Lusensky


      Ph. +46 (8) 653 59 24

      Or visit to download pressimages and biographies.