Re: [acid-jazz] Final Scratch

From: M Elliot-Knight (
Date: 2004-01-21 16:26:18

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    I think most of it has to do with DJ culture and how CDs were marketed as
    better than records, how they were going to replace/wipe-out vinyl records,
    etc. I think there was a fair amount of animosity from vinyl enthusiasts
    (DJs included) toward CDs because of that. Wrapped up in there is the mass
    production of CDs and the major label mark-up of them when it costs so
    little to make - compared to the "craft" of mastering and pressing vinyl
    along with all the additional production extras that you can do with vinyl:
    coloured wax, picture discs, gate-fold or special die cut sleeves, reverse
    playing pressings (play from inside out), double groove presses, locked
    grooves, odd shaped vinyl (triangle, saw tooth, guitar shaped vinyl, etc.) -
    meanwhile the CD is round and comes in a square plastic box for the majority
    of releases. Some labels and artists have found creative things to do with
    CD packaging but the CD itself has to be round and in most CD players you
    don't really get to see it play. Pretty boring.

    However, I think it mostly stems from the immediate defense that vinyl
    lovers were put on by the CD marketing. I remember it being quite heated and
    there was the whole "Save the Vinyl" campaign.

    Spinning on Final Scratch is at least trying to emulate the vinyl experience
    - while I think might possibly see CD DJs as either "traitors" of a sort or
    as people who never really got into the original vinyl DJ culture so they
    are missing a large part of shared experiences. Essentially, a CD DJ and a
    vinyl DJ have a harder time relating to each other becuase they don't share
    the same experiences. It's like a painter who only deals in oils and an
    artist who only uses charcoals. They both make similar visual art but their
    mediums are totally different and they will have different experiences
    because of the characteristics of their medium and the culture built up
    around those mediums.


    >From: "Christopher Grass" <>
    >Subject: Re: [acid-jazz] Final Scratch
    >Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:15:08 +0000
    >I don't mean to start any sort of debate here, but I'm kind of curious
    >about something involving Final Scratch and its ilk. I spin mostly CD's,
    >and on occasion I'll take some heat for it (even though I use CDJ-1000s).
    >From what I've been seeing lately, and what I've been hearing from vinyl
    >DJ's, using Final Scratch is more acceptable (even preferable) to spinning
    >on CD's. Why is this? I understand the whole control issue, which isn't
    >as much an issue these days...but the argument for using vinyl that I
    >always hear is over sound quality - "vinyl sounds better". If this is
    >true, then why go to a medium that doesn't sound anywhere near as good?
    >Sure, hi bitrate MP3's sound almost as good as CD's, but they are even less
    >warm in sound. Any comments? This is more a curiousity thing, as
    >sometimes I get a bit frustrated seeing laptop DJ's get more respect than
    >CD DJ's who are just as good. I am a big fan of the program, by the way.
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