Re: Jungle slowed down...

William Jon Curtis (
04 Aug 95 01:46:18 EDT


'Jungle' records are often funny and can work when played at 33... I know many
of them are pressed at 45 just for this reason. It's the 'two records in one'
philosophy that is pretty much exclusive to the vinyl format. I remember all
those industrial noise albums that said "playable at any speed" on them. And
there's the recent Journeyman 12" on NTone/NinjaTune that states "33/45" on the
label... at 33 it's a trudgey ambient number, at 45 its a slightly less trudgey
ambient number. Go figure.

And, in my case, there was the buyer for a record distributor who told me that
she liked my record because of the nice 'jungle' tracks on it. Huh? I don't do
'jungle' tracks! Turns out she listened to my entire record at 45 instead of 33
and, the sad part is, she didn't like it as much at the correct speed.

And lastly, there's DJ Bambi. When I'm giving him tastes of the latest Bad Mood
offerings over the phone, he sometimes asks me to play the slow, hip hop-ish
cuts at 45. Here's the reverse of you guys slowing down the 'drum n bass'
cuts... Bambi seems to create some mid-tempo dancefloor fillers out of what were
once mere hip hop head nodders!

Isn't vinyl wonderful?



PS- As far as 'jazzy' 'jungle/drum n bass' goes, I guess I'd have to give props
to 4Hero. Check out the article on them in the latest Straight No Chaser. They
totally screw up this genre of music (and some others) by creating some of the
most intensely experimental tracks that ever passed for 'dance music'. They made
this 'jungle'-hater listen closely. Check the cut on the Macro Dub Infection
compilation for a most deranged starting point.