bootlegging - your thoughts.
Fri, 4 Aug 1995 10:01:00 -0400

Hopefully this won't start any flame wars - maybe just
some interesting thoughts can be expressed...I'm curious
about this because I just bought a Sony D7 (DAT portable)
and CSB (Core Sound Binaural) mics.
Of course my thoughts should be aparent, but I'll try to
fill you in...
I want to enjoy the live sounds of some of my favorite
bands, and with the absence of live recordings, I'm hoping
to fill that gap (for my own, other traders, and anyone
else who can persuade me into copying a show for them,
listening enjoyment - NOT FOR PROFIT - NO WAY, NO HOW -
I just wanted to make that point perfectly clear ;-> )

I've spoken to a few people - other traders and musicians -
and have heard all the various pro and con statements...but
what about you DJ's ? How would you feel about someone
coming into the club where you're spinning and booting your
performance ? Musicians either feel indifferent on the subject
or are quite pleased to know that a fan would go thru all
the trouble to record a show - even going so far as to ask
for a copy (which will always be supplied - free of charge).

curious / buddhahead.