Re: LP(Comp.):Rare Vol.1&2?
Fri, 4 Aug 95 18:19:50 PDT

>Rare 1 is amazing with tracks by the Headhunters (You got it, You get it),
>Bernard Wright (Haboglobotrebin') and Weldon Irvine among others. I've been
That's Habogabotribin'! (from his 'Nard L.P.)
Rare 1 was originally released in th U.K. in '88. As well as the tracks mentioned,
the killers for me are 'Turn off the lights' by Larry Young's Fuel and what was the
ultimate rare groove around London during '86-7 Chocolate Milk's 'Action Speaks
Louder Than Words'. This L.P. really turned me on to record collecting. I now have
most of the tracks on their original L.P.s, (but I still won't sell it- sorry). I believe
there are 5 or 6 of these compilations in the series. You see then pop up every
now and then in second-hand vinyl stores in the U.K. (although #1 has to be the
hardest to find). Maybe some of you in the U.K. could pick up any copies you see
and help these people out.
Also worth looking out for if you don't have them are the Charly 'Got To Get Your
Own' series from '87 compiled by Marco and Femi who went on to become the
young Disciples. Featuring Rueben Wilson with 'Got to Get Your Own', Ripple's 'I
don't Know What It Is But......', Pee Wee Ellis 'That Thang' and the amazing
'You're Losing Me' by Anne Sexton among other super funky offerings.
Then there was the Street Sounds 'Rare Groove' L.P.s from '88 compiled by the
guys from what was then *the* rare groove store in London, 'Quaff'. With shit like
'Cheeba Cheeba - Love Potion' from The Mighty Tom Cats, Charles Wright's
'Express Yourself' (Pts 1 & 2) 'Chance With You' by Brother to Brother and Coke
Escovedo's (way too short) 'Runaway'.
All well worth track'n down!

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