Re: LP(Comp.):Rare Vol.1&2?

Tim G. Wagner (
Sun, 06 Aug 1995 15:30:34 -0400

>Also worth looking out for if you don't have them are the Charly 'Got To
>Get Your
>Own' series from '87 compiled by Marco and Femi who went on to become the
>young Disciples. Featuring Rueben Wilson with 'Got to Get Your Own',
>Ripple's 'I
>don't Know What It Is But......', Pee Wee Ellis 'That Thang' and the amazing
>'You're Losing Me' by Anne Sexton among other super funky offerings.

Yeah, Yeah! And the tracks from Cymande, too! like "Bra" and the one that
Jimmy Jay sampled for MC Solaar's "Bouge De La"!

There's nothing like solid soul! Nothing!

Later, Tim From Buffalo!!!