Re: SPAMM (was RE: cool clubs in...)

William Jon Curtis (
06 Aug 95 17:06:29 EDT

In repsonse to Kevin Whilden:


Well, uh... I'm not so sure about categorizing responses on this list. Who would
really follow these rules? I'm sure in all those messages you had to grudgingly
wade through you saw more than a few 'unsubscribe' and 'subscribe' messages...
who follows rules? Even when they are plainly stated over and over again?

And, as far as the 'What's going on...' messages go, I think a message titled
"What's happening in Walla Walla?" is pretty self explanatory. Most, if not all,
of the 'local'-specific messages are like this. So it shouldn't be hard for you
to delete these right away.

And, yes, high frequency mailing lists do scare some people away. I exited the
IDM & Ambient lists for this reason. But 'these are the breaks'. The music we
enjoy is very popular right now and makes for a highly posted mailing list. The
solutions, I would think, would be to get a mail sorter or create your own
mailing list.

Sorry if I seem like I'm shooting down your suggestions, which are certainly
good intentioned, but I think it would be more dangerous for people to be afraid
to post to the list thinking their thoughts as insignificant to other list
readers. The 'label this if it pertains to pure acid jazz' and 'label this if it
only concerns Walla Wallians' will possibly lead to folks not wanting to post.
"I can't post this possibly local club mention because the pure AJ posters will
just delete it." Yeech.

So my solution is to grin and bear it. I love this list just the way it is. It's
my favorite, hands down. And, when I was recently off line for a week and was
greeted back by 100+ messages, I read all of them. And, believe it or not, the
ones I enjoyed greatly outweighed what I wasn't interested in.

So what's happening in Walla Walla anyway?