Re: Didgeridoo grooves?

miketull (
Mon, 14 Aug 1995 18:25:03 -0500

>>> For that matter, anyone got any hot tips on any other Brazilian
>>>flavored AJ?
>>I would say check out Soul Bossa Trio (from Japan I think).
>>But I want to know what Tim W. thinks!
>Well, Scott--
>When it comes to Brazilian Groove, I can go on for hours. Yet Alas, I won't.
>The groove to check out right now on the Brasil tip IMHO are:
>Psycodelico - Reminescence Quartet (Amazing Jungle-mooded Batucada)
>Os Championes on Soul Jazz (It Feels So Good)
>Goal - Depth Charge (Although it's old, who cares?
> Brasil flavored hiphop!)
>and the new Timbalada LP. (best Bahia bloco/groupo there is. period.)
>and the soul bossa trio, too. The good bossa cheese done right.
>any body else got some suggestions?
>Tim (W.) from Buffalo
>, make sure you check out the Reminiscence Quartet (The full length Album
>Psychedelico is Now out)> Psychedelico was the first 12" single, the rest
>of the album does not have that batucada sound that Psychedelico had, but
>definately has the brazilian flava.Also check out London Jazz Classics
>Vol.1to 3 on soul jazz records, all the selections are traditional
>dancefloor jazz oozing with brazilian and latin juice, Vol.3 is the
>toughest one in my opinion with the classic latin funk gem Bananaeira by
>Emilio Santiago. Ubiquity has just launched CuBop Records wich will handle
>all the latin brazillian groove, checkout the first single "So
>What/Impreesions" by Original Master Bobby Matos, Miles Davis/John
>Coltrane done up in a Latin Stylee. If you into the Trip Hop stuff you may
>want to checkout the new E.P from the Jaziacs wich features percussionist
>extrordinaire Snowboy. Warning the pressing is kind of low.If you want
>more on brazilian flavas let me no.
mike (soultap)