RE: Mo' Wax (& Red Snapper & ting)

F-O-B (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 21:58:32 -0500

>Reeled and Skinned has some killer tracks on it, but I found it
inconsistent. Then
>I came across a record by Hookian Mindz called "Freshmess." This one I like
>through and through. A fabulous blend of minimalist trippy acid jazz and a
>couple of remixes that are equally good.

And as coincidence would have it, one of those is a Red Snnaper mix (I
agreee it is a blindin' E.P.).

As far as Headz being typical of the Mo' Wax sound, I wouldn't consider it
as such. If you find "Headz" too repetative and minimal, check out the
Double L.P. "Royalties Overdue", released last year (Look out for the L.E.
red & blue vinyl- are there any out there still?). I consider this to be a
better example of what has happened with the whole Mo' Wax deal. It
certainly spans more time than "Headz". Look out for the killer "Spock With
A Beard" by Palmskin, La Funk Mob's "La Doctress", D.J. Shadow's epic
"Influx" and the shmoove "If" by Step among many other top toons. I
definately listen to this more than I do "Headz".

Paul Soden, the Drummer for The Big Cheese All Stars, Lionel Moyst and
Freakin Habit Forms (among others), has been recording with Red Snapper
recently. Heard some of the drum loops they were sampling from him- crazy
snare reverb and echoing going on. Sounding ruf!

Picked up a cool 12 a few weeks ago "Subdub e.p. vol.2" by Dawazangpo. A
real eclectic mixture of styles. This is a U.S. release (I think from N.Y.)
Does anyone know any more about them. Was Vol.1 any good?

Anyone know of the band Swordfish from Sydney? I picked up a promo of the
"The Missing Factor" 12 some time ago. This has a cool Dust Brothers mix of
"The Get On" (is this the U.K. (Chemical) Dust Brothers, or the B-Boys'
D.B?). I seem to be playing this a lot lately, especially the Inner Space
mix. Did they do anything else I should be tracking down?

I just got the second part of both the Hip-Hop and Techno Mo' wax
"Excursions". Did they all go out with the same stickers saying that they
were the fist in the series, or is someone just trying to confuse me (It
worked!). Anyone know the release date for the third parts?

Ain't we funkin' now...


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