RE: Red Snapper & Hookian Mindz

Tim G. Wagner (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 23:54:47 -0400

>>Reeled and Skinned has some killer tracks on it, but I found it
>inconsistent. Then
>>I came across a record by Hookian Mindz called "Freshmess." This one I like
>>through and through. A fabulous blend of minimalist trippy acid jazz and a
>>couple of remixes that are equally good.
>And as coincidence would have it, one of those is a Red Snnaper mix (I
>agreee it is a blindin' E.P.).

Reeled and Skinned is worth buying for the Sabres of Paradise mix of "Hot
Flush" alone. The Hookian Mindz ep is pretty nice, too. I would imagine it
would be mighty nice to mix between Freshmess (Red Snapper Mix) and Hot
Flush. Maybe throw in "La Revolte Du K" off the Schkoonk! EP at the end.

My two cents of Mixiological-thought niceness.

Tim FRom Buffalo