Re: Jazz Improvisation books

Ashwin Tumne (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 10:02:41 -0400

I just have a concern about advertising on the net (this is not a flame). Just
a friendly suggestion. If you really want to let people know about a product
through the net, I think it would be more appropriate to just post a short
description of who you are and a brief (2-3 sentences) of what it is you
are selling. Then what you can do is include an e-mail address or http://
site where interested people can get more info and details. I realise that
it is with good intentions that this ad relating to the music was made
(not like those OLGA posts). I just don't want to see this list turned into
a straight out classified/want ad/buy&sell section. Thanks :-)



> Now you can learn how to improvise by using your EAR and this new method
> entitled
> This revolutionary method is contained in three books, BEGINNING,