Re: Greyboy Allstars and junk mail

fogcity (
Thu, 24 Aug 1995 16:24:58 -0700

>Here's my mandatory aj related comment: the Greyboy Allstars are going to
>be in
>San Francisco at the Elbo Room tomorrow night, San Jose on Saturday night
>Lake Tahoe on Sunday night. Monday night they're playing at a place called
>"Truckers" around Lake Tahoe. And then here in good old San Diego next
>at the Green Circle. If they're really going to be in Vancouver at the end of
>October, then be on the lookout for gigs in Seattle and other Northwest
>That's also around the time they're making another European tour.
Hey kids! This is one of the ONLY groups I recommend to see. They are
SOOOOOO tight! If you can spare an evening and about 5 bucks, check 'em
out! They won't dissapoint you!