Dino! (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 12:23:07 +1000

>I haven't met a hip-hop head yet who told me that they didn't like Common
>Sense's latest LP "Ressurection.

I'll vouch for that. Common Sense's "Ressurection" is the bomb.

>But, did you know Common's sales to date
>on that record are less than 100,000 units?

Wowser!! You sure about this as I find it difficult to believe. As you
say, everyone who knows anything about hip-hop has picked up this album and
with the ammount of discussion it's generated I'm positive it would have
sold more than that!!!
>You can be as stubborn as you want to be, but THAT to me marks the end of
>hip hop as I like to know it!

What can i say.... If quality product like that isn't being picked up then
somethings wrong.

However I don't think that marks the end of hip-hop. For example, we have
quality stuff being released in Australia and in this coutry a situation
exists whereby artists in the hip-hop scene remain dedicated despite the
fact that their stuff will not make them any money (too many listeners [and
labels,] would rather support the U.S. product, than their own home-grown
scene.) The moral of this story? Dedicated artists will continue to make
a good product despite it's sales.