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Arthur Sedee (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 20:36:03 +0200 (MET DST)

i went 2 (North Sea Jazz Festival 1995, The Hague Holland)
& it was great, as i expected.

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On Thu, 24 Aug 1995, Susan John wrote:

> i went
> did anyone else?
> (all prior posts of mediocrity are true)

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To: acid-jazz@UCSD.EDU
From: (DJ Lo-Ki)
Subject: Charlie Hunter Conference

Well, I'm not so sure how this will be recieved in the wake of the
"fogcity" debate (I've never gotten any flames for posting about events
I've been invloved with...), but I'm posting to announce the second in the
series of "Global Jazz Vibes" IRC conferences that I'm hosting: The Charlie
Hunter Trio.

Anyway, the details are as follows: the conference will happen on
Thursday August 31, 10 pm EST, and you will need "GlobalChat" or any other
IRC software. Log into sonicnet for more details ( or
e-mail me personally ( with any questions. Transcripts
will be available for all conferences in the near future.

To add my 2=A2 to the debate over commercial use of our list (and
believe me I'm as guilty as anyone here for shameless self-promotion) I
think that as long as the person who writes the post clearly identifies
themself as being involved with the event there's no problem. For me, it's
only problematic when, for instance, a hypothetical concert promoter
PRETENDS to be a mere fan and gives an upcoming show a big build up from a
supposedly unbiased viewpoint.

As far as my monthly series of conferences goes, OF COURSE I think
that an IRC conference is a really great chance to find out what fans want
to know about bands they like. Also, OF COURSE I want the conference to be
a big success and have lots of people log in, so I'm going to tell as many
people about it as possible, but when I tell them, they also know that it's
MY gig and so they know that they're not getting an unbiased opinion, but
at least they're finding out about a (very definitely) Acid-Jazz related

No flames intended for anyone, I'm just trying to clarify where I
stand on this issue (because although my posts haven't been mentioned, some
of the flames have hit close to home.) If people have a problem with what I
post, please let me know. And we can work it out.

Peace Out,