Jonathan Hurwitz (
Fri, 25 Aug 1995 10:43:33 -0700

This discussion of advertising on the list has created a lot of discussion
mostly negative. I believe however, that it is mainly nonsense.

The acid-jazz list is probably 50% advertising, which is really not all
that bad. The list appears to be full of many industry people and I like
hearing about new web sites, djs, new releases, etc.

But if you think about what advertising really is, then any post that is
related to these above topics in advertising. Think about one weeks full
of posts usually the only good ones are advertising - everything from
Bellisima updates from Japan, to a plug for a dj set, to announcing when a
band is playing, selling t-shirts, web site updates, where to go in
________, to reccomendations of a new 12", back catalog albums, mix tapes,
whatever. It just isn't as blatant, just more subversive plugs for product.

*Generally* the only real stuff that isn't advertising in the lists has
been the non-list related discussion or flames! "Death of hip hop", "best
sampler to buy", "Guru sucks", "Roots suck," "Jamorquai sucks". Granted
there has been some interesing threads - tv themes songs for one.

Am I right?

- Jonathan