re: DJ Cam

Sat, 26 Aug 1995 0:06:40 -0500 (CDT)

I picked up a 2x12" a while back that has a couple of DJ Cam tracks
on it; "The Mighty Bop meet DJ Cam et La Funk Mob". 4 tracks by the
Mighty Bop, which are suitably mighty, and two apiece of La Funk Mob
and DJ Cam.

The 2 DJ Cam tracks are both good, and one is excellent IMO.
_Hip Hop Opera_ is just what you'd think, lazy looped traps under
orchestral strings and some jazzy elements towards the end (harmon-
muted trumpet, string bass, etc.). Nice and usable.

_Underground Vibes_, however, is even better. This track was my
very first exposure to what is called "Jungle". I feel funny about
being such a late comer to such an interesting sound, but on the
other hand, you can't accuse me of jumping on the band wagon. This
particular band wagon arrived quite awhile ago via various lists/
newsgroups, and I'm glad I finally got ahold to some. =)
ANYWAYS, this track really moves; he bass&drum is well done, but
the real tasty part is when Cam mixes in the half-speed (jungle-wise)
hip-hop break. Nice, all under sparse strings and piano.

Hope this helps. Brad