Re: DJ Cam

Nicolas Bamberski (
Sat, 26 Aug 95 10:31:31 CDT

At 11:05 AM 8/26/95 +1000, Marc Wright wrote:
>Can anyone tell me anything about DJ Cam? Such as style of music, and any
>releases (albums?).

I have quite a few dj cam releases. the latest one is one side on a
double-12" of Mighty Bop / La Funk Mob / DJ Cam. It's good (1 slow track, 1
jungle track) but I like his previous stuff better: a 12" with "free your
turntables and your scratch will follow" that is ok (I never bought the
full-length LP though), but especially a much older release, I don't
remember the name, but it included 4 or 5 great tracks such as "Back To The
Lab pt 1&2", "Bloonaute" (excellent), and "Parental Advisory Jazz" (the best
IMHO, too bad he had to fuck it up with those damn stupid "bitch, get off my
dick!" samples. anybody knows if there's an instrumental somewhere?).
This later 12" I just talked about is way more jazzy, way less hip-hoppey
than his more recent stuff...

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