Re: Thoughts on promotions
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 14:13:22 -0400

I like hearing about what everyone on the list is doing even if it is self
promotion (I've been guilty of it a couple of times myself promoting
BlueVision produced events). I do agree that the detailed stuff should be
done off list (for more info send mail to blah blah blah).

Being a promoter / producer in SF, when I first joined this list I was
surprised (and pleased) to see a lot of the people that I come into contact
with on a business level sharing thoughts etc. on aj with the world aj
community via the list. BlueVision is on hiatus working on a European
connection, but I like checking out what the guys at Massive are doing and
the press on the list. We're a growing community, but we are still so very
small, and in the interest of the whole I don't think we can shut anyone's
voice out now. There's plenty of the music to go around.

Okay, enough of that. By the way, lo-ki is Dave and Jay going to be there
Thursday or just Charlie? I suspect Dave will, but probably not Jay (maybe
Scott Amendola in his place?) Are you taking reservations? I haven't talked
to Charlie in a while.

Deborah Brand, BlueVision