Re: New Karl Denson...

fogcity (
Sun, 27 Aug 1995 01:48:09 -0700

I got a promo copy from Andy (Greyboy) that doesn't have any of the song
titles, but I too love it! There is one particular stand-out track:
track two, side B, record one. It's the song that starts out with a drum
beat w/claps, then Karl comes in with a very catchy sax line. Phunky!

Just for your info, the Greyboy All-Stars have a CD that they sell at
their shows and at some special record stores. It is being distributed
rather poorly, but I know you can get it at the Virgin Mega Store San
Francisco, or by calling Ubiquity Recordings (415) 864 8448. Same with
Karl's album.