Re: DJ Cam

Marc Wright (
Sun, 27 Aug 1995 21:12:01 +1000

>At 11:05 AM 8/26/95 +1000, Marc Wright wrote:
>>Can anyone tell me anything about DJ Cam? Such as style of music, and any
>>releases (albums?).
>I have quite a few dj cam releases. the latest one is one side on a
>double-12" of Mighty Bop / La Funk Mob / DJ Cam. It's good (1 slow track, 1
>jungle track) but I like his previous stuff better: a 12" with "free your
>turntables and your scratch will follow" that is ok (I never bought the
>full-length LP though), but especially a much older release, I don't
>remember the name, but it included 4 or 5 great tracks such as "Back To The
>Lab pt 1&2", "Bloonaute" (excellent), and "Parental Advisory Jazz" (the best
>IMHO, too bad he had to fuck it up with those damn stupid "bitch, get off my
>dick!" samples. anybody knows if there's an instrumental somewhere?).
>This later 12" I just talked about is way more jazzy, way less hip-hoppey
>than his more recent stuff...
>dj bambi - chicago

Thanks for your help - I'll go and have a listen to some of his stuff -
especially the earlier stuff. I have to admit you've scared me off a bit by
mentioning 2 artists I don't really like - Mighty Bop and La Funk Mob. If
he's anything like them, I don't think I'll be into it.