Future Sound of Jazz Vol. 1

JASON BRANCAZIO (jbrancazio@mail.hamquist.com)
29 Aug 1995 11:38:53 -0800

I haven't seen any discussion of this compilation so I thought I'd add my input....

I bought this compilation expecting a more electronic edge than most of the other music I own and I wasn't disappointed. The tracks range from slow and funky, like Hunch's "Is this the Place?", to technohousefunky like R.H.C. feat. Plavka (Coldcut Mix) "Move Ya" - but nothing is cheezy or standard. The most interesting track is Workshop's "I wish I Had you" which sounds like a 70s background song after mutation due to nuclear war.
The only question I have is this: The Mighty Bob feat. Ingrid track "Vibrations Mystiques" uses the same sample as a track on Fat Jazzy Grooves 5 or 6; anybody know which came first?

Furthermore, if anybody has info on this compilation, or the Compost label (they just do a lot of relicensing on this comp) please post....this compilation is definitely one of the better ones I have bought.

Jay B