Re: Future Sound of Jazz Vol. 1

Nicolas Bamberski (
Tue, 29 Aug 95 13:07:51 CDT

At 11:38 AM 8/29/95 -0800, JASON BRANCAZIO wrote:
>I haven't seen any discussion of this compilation so I thought I'd add my
>I bought this compilation expecting a more electronic edge than most of the
other music I own and I wasn't disappointed. The tracks range from slow and
funky, like Hunch's "Is this the Place?", to technohousefunky like R.H.C.
feat. Plavka (Coldcut Mix) "Move Ya" - but nothing is cheezy or standard.
The most interesting track is Workshop's "I wish I Had you" which sounds
like a 70s background song after mutation due to nuclear war.
>The only question I have is this: The Mighty Bob feat. Ingrid track
"Vibrations Mystiques" uses the same sample as a track on Fat Jazzy Grooves
5 or 6; anybody know which came first?

I second that, Future Sound of Jazz vol. 1 is a great comp, and even though
I already had half of the tracks on 12", the rest makes it well worth it.
There is no filler, no lamo track at all. get it and enjoy.

About Vibrations Mystiques, the one featured on the FSJ compilation is the
OldSkool mix that you can find on the latest Mighty Bop double-12" on Yellow
(note: not the MightyBop/LaFunkMob/DJ Cam one). It's a remix of "vibrations
mystiques" that came out in early 1994 on the "Tribulations Extra
Sensorielles" EP by MightyBop on Yellow. methink FJG 6 (I think that's the
one) came out before that, so Smash and the crew probably sampled that before.


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