Re: Gordonīs dislike of Jazzmatazz Vol 1
Tue, 29 Aug 95 20:29 GMT+0200

>>>The latest Jazzmatazz, which was being discussed earlier on the list,
>>>finally found its way to my PO Box. I wouldn't call this groundbreaking=
>>>all that innovative, nor would I even venture to say that about the first
>>>Jazzmatazz (can somebody please explain to me why people seem to think=
>>>album was so good?), but this one is at least a little bit more musically
>>>developed. The best tracks in my opinion are all the little interludes=
>>>the Solsonics, the music just sounds good. The Chaka Khan track is nice,
>>>the Donald Byrd track "Traveler" or something like that is pretty good=
>>>nice muted trumpet playing, and a solo too! (golly!) The Jamiroquai track
>>>sucks (again, this is just my opinion), all J.K. does is sing "la la la"=
>>>the background a few times. It has that Jamiroquai sound to it, but in=
>>>end, so what?
>Please explain,, please explain who you are and why
>you resend something people have already read. Thank you

I=B4m very sorry if I=B4ve dissapointed somebody, but the message was sent
before I completed it (my fault). Sorry again.

In my opinion, Jazzmatazz vol.1 was so great for the great musicians and
vocalists that played and sung (Ok, if you dont like N=B4dea Davenport nor
J.K. singing you wont like neither of their song on J. vol.1&2) and for some
nice ideas and approaches to Acid Jazz, such as the song with MC Solaar "Le
bien, le mal" (Listen to MC Solaar=B4s album"Prose combat"; it has some=
good tracks...). I don=B4t think Jazzmatazz vol.1 was intended to be the new
dawning of Acid Jazz, but I really like both albums, although not all the=

By the way, I was at the concert of Guru=B4s Jazzmatazz: A new reality at
Madrid, Spain on 12 July 1995 and it was great: apart from the music, Guru
came out before the concert and he was like 15 minutes signing autographs
and posing for photos, and after it Ronny Jordan, Big Shug and others where
hanging around with the people at the dancefloor etc...

P.S.: It doesnt say nothing good about the guy that puts the records on the
shelves on the shop I go, but Jazzmatazz vol.2 was with the classic Jazz
albums. Does that tell you anything about how good is Jazzmatazz? ;-)

Un saludo
Carlos Sanz (
Madrid, Espana (Spain)