Take two: NY Acid Jazz Nights

Fischbarg, Victor (fischbav@moodys.com)
Tue, 29 Aug 95 17:57:00 EDT

In response to all the wonderful response so many of you've given on my past
and future New York "Acid Jazz Nights":

1) To the several DJs (including shoutouts to Jason Jercinovic and Qool
Marc) Yeah, a lot of people ask me why we don't use DJs - it's not that I
don't want to it's that we've been so swamped doing everything else - we
were promoting "Red Hot & Cool" in between sets for almost a year to raise
AIDS awareness and now I've got Gram'ma Funk helping out with the comedy
interludes so there hasn't felt like there was much need for a live DJ.
I've had DJ Swingsett opening up at one show and it's definitely something
I loved doing; the answer is I just don't know. I'm open to it.

2) I've been getting messages from many of you without any return e-mail
address! My server doesn't automatically detect it, so please clearly state
it to be included on an any future mailings. Otherwise just stay tuned to
this group.

Keeping funk alive,
Victor E. and all the gang from Inviolate
e-mail: fischbav@moodys.com
(212) 864-6639