Re: Charlie Hunter Conference

DJ Lo-Ki (
Tue, 29 Aug 1995 18:07:00 -0400

>> I got some e-mail asking me for the IRC address for the Charlie
>>Hunter Trio conference Thursday, so I'm posting it here: you can set your
>>IRC client to look up "", and then go to channel "#hunter"
>>(the channel name MAY be slightly different, probobly not, but in that
>>unlikely case, you should be able to get a list of open channels from your
>>IRC client and the choice will be clear.) As usual, any questions or RSVPs
>>email me at "".
>Hi All.
>OK, being a *veteran* IRC'er, I'd like to fine-tune the above statement.
>Not trying to step on Lo-Ki's toes - just trying to help :)
>If you are on ANY IRC server (there are many!), you should be able to
>join #hunter (pronounced "channel hunter" - for those of you not-in-the-know).
>The thing is, if you can gain access to the sonicnet server, you might
>not have lag time in responses - any other server will give you some lag.
>If the channel is ANY different, doing a list of open channels is going
>to flood your screen with (literally) thousands of channels - NOT GOOD.
>What you could do is a "/whois" for Lo-Ki's nickname (Yo Lo - what's your
>nick ?) and the channel that he is on will come up beside his name, and
>then you can join that channel.
>Like I said...hope this helps.
>peace / buddhahead (IRC nick = conrad).

Wow, I got really confused over this one and had to ask our SYSOP.

OK here's the lowdown:

1) You DO have to log into "" to take part (I don't really
understand why this is, but trust me, it has something to do with our chat
server software.) So, although you don't have to use "Global Chat" to
participate (although it is nice, and free), you do have to set your irc
client to ""

2) The channel WILL be named "#hunter", so you won't have to search for a
channel or anything messy like that.

3) As far as I know, my IRC nickname is "DJlo-Ki"

Thanks much to buddahead for helping me clarify, and for taking the time to
help me out.

Peace Out,