Re: Ordering Japanese Stuff (was Re: little crappy demo? NOT!)
Thu, 31 Aug 1995 13:02:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Ben List wrote:

> The process was like this:
> - email a note to him supplying the artist, title and catalog number
> for the album and state that you'd like to make an order.
> - he'll email a quote and ask you to supply a credit card number
> and shipping info
> - you supply CC# and address by email

Ben - does this guy support PGP or some other encryption? I would
strongly advise against *anyone* sending their CC# over the internet no
matter how trustworthy the person you're sending it to because the
information you send online is not truly private in any real sense. In
fact there are computer programs which sniff out strings of numbers sent
over email precisely to steal CC#s so be careful.


Ben (a different Ben) :)