Australian update

Carl Cranstone (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 21:30:23 +-10-30

Hi fellow acid jazzers. I've just put a couple of WAV files for =
"SHARSKIN" on Oz-Groove-Zine, you can check them out at:

or via Oz-Groove at....

They are *really good* and I think we can expect to hear a lot more =
about Sharskin in the future. Check them out.

Adelaide readers should pop into B# Records in the East End this =
Thursday. The Mo'Wax posse will be in the store, Money Mark will be =
there, it's all happening. There's a show on at Synagogue featuring =
Mo'Wax & I've been reliably informed that there will be other beastie =
boys jamming there on the night. I think it's this Sunday 7th Jan but =
check to make sure, can get tickets at B# Records for around $21. =
Call B# Records for more details. While you're in the store, pick up =
a brochure for "Vibes on a Summers Day", another happenin' musical =
event coming soon.

One Movement Records has released "Undertones Volume 3" a compilation of =
Australian A-J. As soon as it arrives in the mail, I'll get some info =
out there for you all. Volume 4 is currently being compiled & won't be =
too far away either.

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that the weather was =
better for you than it was for us. Warm, humid, 30 degrees celcius =
followed by thunder, lightning and several inches of rain was Adelaide's =
start to 1996. Most of the outdoor parties were cancelled & lots of =
people got flooded. It was one helluva night!

Stay cool.