DJ Shadow & others

Marc Wright (
Tue, 2 Jan 1996 22:07:35 +1000

Went to see Shadow, James Lavelle, Charlie (from Attica Blues), and Money
Mark (keyboards for the Beastie Boys) last night. A very pleasant way to
recover after New Year's Eve. It was billed as the Mo' Wax Headz tour, and
it taught me a lot about Mo' Wax. It turns out that it's not *quite* what
I'm into - a bit too deep and dark for me. Also, I just can't seem to get
into hip hop style vocals.

Money Mark just sat there with a few electronic toys and mumbled into the
microphone and doing not much. He kept starting songs, and then stopping and
mumbling again. We were all getting pissed, until we realised what he was
mumbling about - apparently his drummer (50% of his band) hadn't turned up,
and he was left to try and entertain regardless.

Anyway, while not quite what I'm into, I still couldn't think of a better
way to chill out on New Year's Day.

Herbilizer, London Funk Allstars, and Jesto Funk are playing in about 4
weeks time. We *do* get some could stuff in Australia. 9 Lazy 9 and Funki
Porcini next, please.