FW: Another Bass Player

araya,juan carlos (jcar@whstar.wh.att.com)
27 Mar 96 08:33:00 -0500

Yes TOP bass player is a very accurate and a master funk-bass-man. Well,
Bootsy. One of the innovators of Funk bass.

No talk on Jaco. This is one sad listing!


From: pyramus
To: acid-jazz
Subject: Re: Another Bass Player
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 1996 12:18AM

I gotta say that possibly the best funk bass player ever was/is Francis
Rocco Prestia, who plays for
TOWER OF POWER. All this and he never even slaps. If you've never checked
them/him out,
you're missing out on one of the founding bands of Acid Jazz.

Also, kudos to Bootsy, but also Larry Graham has to be included in the list,
since he is the
inventor of Slap bass playing, and played some very funky tracks both with
Sly and the Family
and his own band, Graham Central Station, for years.


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