Re: Another Bass Player

sujay jayaram (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 15:48:37 GMT

Whilst we're on the subject of bass players, don't forget James
Jamerson! He was the Motown session player who can be heard on most of
those old sixties soul hits - stuff like Marvin Gaye's 'What's Going
On?' and Stevie Wonder's 'I Was Made To Love Her' (despite the fact
that Carol Kaye has been telling everyone it was her who played on
that session ....) He was the main guy to influence Tower Of Power's
Frances Rocca Prestia (although you'd never guess by listening to them
both) and Rocca Prestia was one of the the main influences for Jaco
(which is very obvious in Jaco's playing).

There are some really cool new players too - there's Jonathon Maron
from the Groove Collective (who also played on the Raw Stylus album)
and the bass player from Repercussions is great too (although I can't
remember his name!)

My favourite has got to be Me'Shell though. I read in an interview
that she calls herself just a 'Meat and Potatoes bass player' which
is some understatement. I just don't know why 'Plantation Lullabies'
has been slept on over here in England.

There are some really good players on the London scene right now;
Anthony Tidd from Quite Sane (and producer of the 'Roots') is scary to
watch, and my drummer's boyfriend, Mike Mondesir (bass for Lenny White
and Billy Cobham) is mad!!

Zender's only the tip of the iceberg ;-)