Re: Another Bass Player

Mark Allerton (
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 22:03:48 +0000

sujay jayaram wrote:
> Whilst we're on the subject of bass players, don't forget James

> There are some really good players on the London scene right now;
> Anthony Tidd from Quite Sane (and producer of the 'Roots') is scary to
> watch, and my drummer's boyfriend, Mike Mondesir (bass for Lenny White
> and Billy Cobham) is mad!!

Quite Sane are just my favourite live band, by quite a long way. I just
wish they'd get some records released - I've been catching them live
for, what - five years now, and apart from one track on a "Jazz on CD"
magazine compilation, not a single record.

It's so stupid - virtually every jazz musician in London comes to check
out their live sets. Anthony Tidd is one wicked bass-player, and a
seriously innovative composer. The drummer, Richard Cassel (spelling?)
is one of the best I've seen, too.

Haven't played live for a few months, either. The last gig, at The
Rhythmic in december, was just wicked. Not a big crowd, but what with
that and the ambience of the club, it was almost like having them play
in your living room...

If you haven't seen them, possibly the closest _known_ band I can think
of is Broun Fellinis, but Quite Sane are just _so_ much funkier, and
much more M-BASE influenced.